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Adios to Winter Dry Skin

Adios to Winter Dry Skin
Dry or itchy skin is irritating. It is like a vicious cycle. Once you have dry skin, it itches, you scratch, and the cycle repeats. Continuous scratching due to itching may result in rashes and redness. There could be various reasons for itchy skin, dry skin being the most common. Your dry skin can be the result of the product you are using or an allergic reaction. Dry skin may lead to scaling, itching, and cracking, usually in hands, arms and legs.

Dry skin generally occurs during fall and winter when humidity levels are relatively low. Aging can also make your skin dry as the skin gets thinner and drier with age. If you are using hot water or a hot tub bath regularly, it can lead to dry skin. Are you already suffering from this condition? It’s high time to change your bath product to relieve dry skin itch irritation.

How to get rid of dry skin?

It is imperative to use natural and organic products for your skincare. Chemical-based body products are harmful for the skin and may provide temporary relief from dry skin, but it may make your skin worse in the long run. Genuine African Formula products are made from natural herbs and shrubs without any synthesized chemicals. Our products have natural moisture of plants and fruits, which restore moistness into the skin.

Botanical Skin Wash 8 oz is your best buddy for skin itch, insect bite,or raw red spots. This specialty bath emulsion combines the healing and nourishing properties of natural herbs and plant oils with natural colloidal oatmeal therapeutic benefits to reduce skin irritation.

Few things to keep in mind for dry skin:

Use warm water instead of hot water while bathing or showering.
Avoid bathing for more than 10 minutes.
Use Botanical Skin Wash that has natural ingredients to keep your skin moisturized.
Apply Botanical Body Lotion 8 oz after the bath.
Avoid scratching dry skin and apply lotion on dry skin patches.
Apart from dry skin, one may also suffer from dry hair or dry scalp. If your scalp doesn’t make enough oil to moisturize your hair or hair does not hold its natural oil, it results in dry hair and scalp. As your hair has no natural lubrication, it is dependent on oils made in its roots to keep it moisturized. Dry scalp can also occur due to aging and environmental conditions like frequent wind and sun exposure and exposure to chlorinated water.

If you suffer from dry hair and dry scalp, it needs immediate attention to appropriate Herbal Shampoo Products. We recommend you to try our Botanical Shampoo for Healthy Scalp 8 oz. This shampoo is very mild on your hair and scalp and has a natural moisturizing quality, and works as a hair treatment for dry scalp. This shampoo will moisturize your hair and scalp and act as a conditioner as it contains Hydrogenated Coconut Fatty Acids and Vegetable Protein.

Vegetables and fruit extracts help to reduce scalp flaking due to dryness. It has high lathering quality and rinses away easily. Hydrolyzed Keratin as a part of the ingredients restores natural dampness leaving your hair shiny and manageable.

Chronic itching may affect the quality of life and sleep. Book our product now and check the notable change in your skin and scalp dryness.

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