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Keep Your Tress Out Of Stress

Keep Your Tress Out Of Stress
Natural health and beautiful skin is everyone’s dream. We’d love to take care of our skin holistically, however we mostly end up focusing on the face and afford relatively less time caring for the rest of our body. Facial skin is indeed delicate compared to the body’s skin. Still, our whole body needs nourishment as well. We cover our face from the sun while the skin on our arms and legs is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, greenhouse gases, pollution, and constant abrasion from tight clothing. Different climates also have varied impact on your skin that result in sunburn, bruising, wrinkles, and flakiness.

Environmental changes not only impact your skin, but your hair too. Chemicals and harsh hairstyling add up to damage. We have a line of herbal shampoo products for different hair types and different hair problems. Our shampoo is made from natural ingredients like Soap Bark, Quillaya Bark, Soy Protein, Aloe Vera Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, African Shea Butter, and more. The benefits of these ingredients are that they provide proper moisture to your hair, help to protect your hair and scalp by rejuvenating scalp tissues, giving strength and buoyancy to the hair.

Our shampoo is a great pick if you are experiencing dry and itchy scalp. If you want to control frizz, get rid of severely matted and tangled hair, repair split ends, and prevent hair breakage, you have landed in the right place. Springwater, Multigerm Plant Oil, West African Soap Plants, and other Botanical ingredients will boost your hair texture and density.

There are a number of self-professed organic and natural products available in the market that sell you cheap preservatives, chemical components, and worthless fillers leaving your skin and hair dull and damaged. You can reach out to us for truly natural and nourishing skin and organic herbal shampoos. We have painstakingly researched hundreds of natural ingredients and have come up with a reliable formula that is free from harsh chemicals like sulfates, petrochemicals and dyes. Quite simply, we make your skin and hair smooth and silky with our natural ingredients. Have you booked yet?

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