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Nature In Your Lap

Nature In Your Lap

Everyone wants to avoid exposing their delicate and sensitive skin to harsh chemicals but nobody wants to give up smelling fresh and clean in the process. With Genuine African Formula you don’t have to as our best natural body care products won’t leave you smelling unclean as some organic compounds tend to. Our range of skincare formulas contains all-natural ingredients that contain no harmful chemical-based compounds that irritate the skin

Moreover the formula works to keep your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Our research team has tried and tested a lot of natural and organic ingredients and have come up with the best offering in this segment. Genuine African Formula products are made with natural plant extract and contain no harmful chemicals.

Our botanical products won’t leave any rashes on your skin or give it a rough & dry texture and can be applied on a daily basis. These products are derived from age-old African formula prepared at home using only organic and natural ingredients. Herbs, plants extracts fortified with vitamins and minerals make these best natural product gentle for any skin type at any age. Chemical-based beauty products may give your skin a short lived instant glamour, but will end up hurting it in the long run, even damaging it beyond repair, making it dull and uneven.

If you are feeling stressed or stiff our muscle relief bath formulas have the best natural ingredients and our exclusive African formula will relax your muscles and relieve you of your strain. Genuine African Formula products like Herbs and Roots Muscle Relief Bath, Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil, Therapeutic Botanical Bath consist of Soya, Coconut, Black Pepper, Lemon, Rosemary, Rice Brain Oil and other vitamins and minerals ingress deep into the skin and help stimulate collagen, burn fat tissues and infuse a therapeutic effect, relieving you of soreness and exhaustion. They improve blood circulation and help in curing minor injuries as well. The natural flower-based aroma will keep your day energized and fragrant. The formulas we use don’t have any side effects or unwanted allergic reactions and are good for all skin types. These products right out of nature’s lap come at very affordable prices to boot.

We use traditional African herbal medicines and plant extracts to prepare these formulas. We conduct comprehensive research and thorough quality checks before green signalling our products and ingredients so as to ensure that the components meet the highest standards in the industry. Our goal is to help you harness to the fullest the limited time from your busy schedules to clean and preen your bodies and spirit with our bathing products made from our exclusive African formula. Allow us to make your skin fall in love with the spa-like experience that comes with our natural body care products. For our complete range of products online, click here –

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